Lebron James Suit Design for Nike Superhero Elite Collection

This past year I was tasked out by Legacy Effects to create Lebron James’ suit design for the Nike Superhero Elite Collection. We were asked to take visual cues from the shoes and create a whole suit. Lebron’s suit needed to look strong, powerful and angular, so I designed the suit to have a lot of sharp angles, and also to incorporate the carbonfiber elements from the shoe.

After my 2D concept was approved, I 3D modeled and rendered the the suit in Maya and composited it onto Lebron. Here is the final image:

Lebron James Nike Superhero Elite suit final concept.

Although it was never used in the marketing campaign, I was asked to create a full suit. Here is a render of the back of the suit:

Lebron James' Nike Superhero Elite suit back render.

I started the design process in photoshop. Here is my 2D illustration composited over Lebron:

Lebron James Nike Superhero Elite Suit 2D design

Here are the some images from Nike’s Superhero Elite campaign also featuring Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

Superhero Elite line-up with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Image from Nike's ad campaign.Superhero Elite suit details. Image from Nike ad campaign.

Working on Tom Cruise suit for Oblivion

While at Legacy Effects, I had the opportunity to help create the shoulder pieces for Tom Cruise’s suit in Oblivion. 

Left image: Me at Legacy modeling the shoulder piece. Right image: a 3D printed kneecap piece from the suit (modeled by Jim Charmatz).

Left image: Me at Legacy modeling the shoulder piece. Right image: the 3D printed piece.

Here is the suit after the shoulder and chest pieces were 3D printed, molded, cast, painted and then attached to the suit:

Oblivion final suit

Here is the official Oblivion poster displaying the shoulder pieces that I worked on:

Oblivion movie poster

Brewco Original Publicans Artwork

Here is the latest Brewco artwork, featuring the Manhattan Beach pier. The client had this 50″ x 40″ piece recreated in glass, gold leaf, silver leaf and mother of pearl.

Here is the final art:

Brewco Original Publicans artwork


This is the final glass piece on the wall at Brewco Manhattan Beach:Brewco Original Publicans glass art piece


Abraham Lincoln Bust 3D Sculpt

Here is a sculpt of Abraham Lincoln that I created in Zbrush for Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology. The piece was recently 3D printed on an Objet printer and then painted to appear as a bronze sculpture by Ed Pioli of Stratasys. It was recently on display at Siggraph 2013.

This was a fun project to work on, as I used numerous references of Lincoln throughout his life. I even used photos of his death mask to fine-tune his likeness.

Below are my renders of the 3D sculpt:Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- three quarter view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- front view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- profile view

Below are some photos of the 3D printed and painted sculpture.

Abe Lincoln bronze cast of 3D sculpt.

Character designs for Orbit Commercials

Here are some designs I did for the recent Orbit- Heights and Orbit- Polo commercials. I helped Legacy Effects design the Nachos, Salisbury Steak, and the Mashed Potato characters. The script changed a bit since I saw the storyboards, so the characters are doing different gestures in the designs than they are doing in the final commercials.

Here are my designs:

Orbit Nachos Character v01_003Orbit Nachos Character v01_003 surprised.Orbit Nachos Character v02_012 human scale.Orbit Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potato Characters v01_003.Orbit Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potato Characters v03_001.



Check out the commercials here:

Brewco Music For Your Palate Poster

For this latest Brewco poster, I was asked to reference Sergei Vasiliev’s photo “Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Print No.15”. Currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London, Vasiliev’s exhibit is a collection of photos of Soviet prisoners covered with tattoos. These tattoos displayed the secret code language of criminals in the USSR. Although I did use some Soviet nuances, I opted to keep the tattoos a bit lighter and use Brewco reference instead.

Here is my final design:

Brewco Music for Your Palate Poster

Brewco White Stripes Poster

Here is the latest Brewco Manhattan Beach poster. The client requested that I feature The White Stripes for this piece. This will likely become part of a series of rock & roll themed Brewco posters.

Here is the final piece:

Brewco White Stripes poster

Legacy Effects 2012 Christmas Card

In November of 2012, I had the opportunity to design Legacy Effects’ 2012 Christmas card. Legacy requested a decorative, somewhat tribal snowflake design with “Legacy Effects 2012” integrated into the snowflake.

Below is the final back and front design:

Legacy Effects 2012 Christmas Card



Brewco Hoppy Holidays poster

Here is latest Brewco poster just in time for the Holidays. The client requested that Santa have a pretty blonde sitting on his lap, and pouring him a beer. Naughty ole’ Santa….

For this poster I referenced a number of Haddon Sundblom’s Santa illustrations for the vintage Coca Cola Christmas ads. Sundblom actually studied under my great-grandfather, Antonin Sterba (1875-1963) who was a portrait painter, and who taught at the Art Institute of Chicago. Here is a link to the website I created for Antonin’s works of art.

Brewco Hoppy Holidays poster.

Here is poster currently on display at Brewco Manhattan Beach:

Brewco Hoppy Holidays poster on display

Brewco Campaign for Real Ales Poster

This is the latest poster created for Manhattan Beach Brewco. With the tagline, “Campaign for Real Ales. God Save the Ales”, it’s a nod CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, an independent, voluntary organisation campaigning for real ale, community pubs and consumer rights. It is also, of course a play off of “God Save the Queen”. You can visit CAMRA’s website here: http://www.camra.org.uk/page.php?id=10

The client requested that I closely match Shepard Fairey’s “God Save the Queen” poster; only I was to incorporate a more mature queen raising a pint. Here is a link to Fairey’s poster: http://www.obeygiant.com/prints/god-save-the-queen

Here is the final poster:

Brewco God Save the Ales poster.