Working on Tom Cruise suit for Oblivion

While at Legacy Effects, I had the opportunity to help create the shoulder pieces for Tom Cruise’s suit in Oblivion. 

Left image: Me at Legacy modeling the shoulder piece. Right image: a 3D printed kneecap piece from the suit (modeled by Jim Charmatz).

Left image: Me at Legacy modeling the shoulder piece. Right image: the 3D printed piece.

Here is the suit after the shoulder and chest pieces were 3D printed, molded, cast, painted and then attached to the suit:

Oblivion final suit

Here is the official Oblivion poster displaying the shoulder pieces that I worked on:

Oblivion movie poster

5 Replies to “Working on Tom Cruise suit for Oblivion”

  1. The suit design for Oblivion is absolutely awesome!! It would make a simply outstanding motorcycle 2 piece racing suit. Or at least for street use. I had assumed it was a racing suit adapted to the movie, I am pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

    You should take the design to AlipneStars or Dianese for production. Using suede to add depth and character – not to mention comfort – is inspired. The perforated material, if capable of standing up to the rigors of high speed riding would change the game.

    It looks like it has chest and back hard armor. Knee and shin armor too, along with shoulders. Also looks like it has soft armor in the arms and hips. In short, a perfect design for sport bike use.

    I would very much line up to but one. In about 2 heartbeats.

    I do ask one favor though, please make them for “American sized’ guys like me? I’m 6’4” 285 lbs. I wear a US 54 long. I can’t find leathers, especially 2 piece, that fit right.

    1. Hey Eric,

      I agree, this would definitely make a great racing suit. I was part of a team at Legacy Effects that modeled the armor pieces for the suit. It was a fun project to work on. The suit and design are all property of the movie studio, so I wouldn’t have the liberty to reproduce it. Someone could, however, produce a suit that was inspired by the film, and was also functional as a real racing suit. That’s not in my plans, but it would be cool to see.

      All the best,

  2. Excellent job!

    Hey, do you know what’s the price on the jacket and are i can buy it? its available? do you make them?

    1. Hi Carl,

      Hi Carl,

      This was a jacket made for the film Oblivion. I worked of portions of it, but I did not create the whole thing myself. Unfortunately they are not for sale.



  3. Bodin,

    Great work on this, still love the jacket after all these years, and the movie! Do you remember what the armor pieces were cast in? Resin? Rubber?



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