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A few months back, I was asked to design a logo for a documentary about Tom Blake, a surfing and lifesaving pioneer. His story fascinated me, so I was happy to participate in the project. Since then, filmmakers Ken Cole, John Reubartsch and Eric Gietzen have launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate interest and funding for the film.

Here’s an excerpt from the webpage:

The invention of the hollow surfboard and fin contributed greatly to the evolution of the sport of surfing. A sport now enjoyed by millions. The rescue torpedo and ground breaking lifeguard techniques have played an important role in saving the lives of thousands of people, young and old, across the world. These life-changing accomplishments are just a few of many created by one man. One man, whose life journey was as epic as his accomplishments. Our film, Surfing with Tom, will tell his story.

Please help support their project!
Surfing with Tom Kickstarter page

Surfing with Tom logo

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