Arco: Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl

Arco recently  launched a campaign with Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl. As per the treatment, she needed to be fun, innocent and have a slight vintage feel. I was tasked out to design Hanna and her various outfits as she travels around the USA.  Legacy Effects 3D printed my design, and rigged her to be a functioning hula bobble.

Here are the final designs:

Arco Hanna the Hula Girl design

Arco Hanna the Hula Girl design

Hanna in the Arco commercial

Arco Hanna the Desktop Hula Girl on the Arco website

Here are a few of the commercials:


36 Replies to “Arco: Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl”

    1. Hi Mark,

      Glad you like the campaign. I’m not sure who the voice actor is. I was just involved on the front end, so I was out of the loop during the post production.



    1. Hi Diane,

      Glad he’s a fan. I don’t know of any plans to make Hanna into a real hula bobble. I hope they do!



      1. baseball Hannah, would make a great marketing deal, maybe for a ballpark giveaway and sale at ARCO stations. I am sure the creator would love that idea, for cash flow with variants in each team’s colors and logos.

        I can see an army of her mounted on top of dugouts and railings at games and on dash boards in cars. somebody is missing out on a real marketing opportunity.. The All Star game is coming…

  1. Is Arco going to be selling any of the Hanna the dashboard hula girl? She is so cute! I would love to have one like her.

    1. Hi Shonna,

      I’m glad you are a Hanna Fan. I don’t know of any plans to make Hanna into a real hula bobble. I hope they do!



  2. I would buy the hula girl, and so would my friends. If you guy’s don’t make it for sale , someone will. I’d rather have the real thing.

  3. We love Hanna the Hula Girl. You definitely have created something special. I agree the baseball Hanna with each of the MLB teams logos would be a cool promo. I’d buy one. Great job the the marketing team at ARCO as well for their efforts.

  4. There are a lot of look-alikes for sale in the souvenir shops here in Honolulu. But they don’t quite measure up to Hanna 😟
    I thought it was so cute I am going to use a similar looking one as sort of an ” elf on the shelf ” in pictures of my grandchildren on vacation this summer Kudos to Arco a great ad.

  5. Just a continuation of the all the previous comments:

    Hana is a fantastic campaign. Nicely done!

    Hope it leads to many more cool projects for you and your agency.


  6. Who is the gas customer? It looks like Nomar Garciaparra, ex RedSox-Dodger player. We see the commercial and Nomar a lot during the games broadcasts.

  7. I am so interested in buying all the Hanna Hula girls. I have looked everywhere and have not found one to purchase? Are you selling them? If not, you should.

  8. Love the many different outfits Hannah wears and would love to start a collection whenever the powers that be decide to have the doll manufactured!

    Arco is the only gas I buy!

  9. We love Hannah the Hula Girl at our house, too. Proof that cute coomercials, that aren’t annoying can be made! I hope they reproduce and sell these. My husband would get a kick out of it. Good job!

  10. I wish more of the different commercials were being shown on TV. I too would love a Hanna the Hula Girl doll for my van. I may have to settle for a hula girl from eBay while Arco decides to make one like Hanna.

  11. Of all the commercials I’ve seen in my 62 years I enjoy yours the most of all . It’s wholesome and funny. It makes a good impression on people of all ages which in turn makes people remember Arco Gas. Let’s see more of Hanna in the future. Maybe fishing, skiing or even back to school.

  12. So I’m wanting one and from what I’m reading shes not a real dashboard fixture yet. Is that true? Its a great product. I want her with a Dodger Hat on. I’m looking to buy one, now.

    1. Hi Diane,

      I’m glad you are a Hannah fan! Unfortunately these are not for sale. She was made just for the commercials.



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