Buffalo Wild Wings Sad Dragon

Here’s a sad little dragon I designed for the Buffalo Wild Wings Medieval Days commercial. The director wanted the dragon to look completely dejected and overworked, so I went through a number of iterations to make him appear more and more sickly and downtrodden. I sculpted this guy in Zbrush and sent the file off to Legacy Effects where he was he was 3D printed and turned into a puppet! Here is where the final design ended up.

Buffalo Wild Wings final dragon design for "Medieval Days" commercial

Buffalo Wild Wings final dragon design for "Medieval Days" commercial screen grab
Buffalo Wild Wings final dragon design for “Medieval Days” commercial screen grab

Here are a few more early designs:


And here’s the commercial:

4 Replies to “Buffalo Wild Wings Sad Dragon”

  1. I have been in love with this dragon ever since I saw the BWW commercial! I want one of my own so much! How much would it cost to get a figurine of this dragon made?

    1. Hi Camille,

      I’m afraid the dragon is not for sale. It is IP of the client, and so it won’t be produced for retail.



  2. I feel really sad watching the dragon in the commercial. Like legit 🙁 I know it’s a commercial, not real etc. but I still feel bad. I guess job well done but it’s hard to watch that part for some reason.

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