Foster Farms Monster Appetites

I have been drawing monsters ever since I was a wee lad, so when I get a chance to make more monsters for a job, it’s always fun. I was tasked out to design the monster for the Foster Farms “Monster Appetites” commercial. Initially, I was asked to develop the monster in stages, starting with small and cute, and then transitioning into something a bit more menacing. The director and agency requested a few different directions, starting with a muppet-esque feel, then moving to something more hairy and realistic.

Here is the final design:

Foster Farms "Monster Appetites" final monster design

These guys led to the final design.Foster Farms "Monster Appetites" preliminary design Always inspired by Ludo 😉Foster Farms "Monster Appetites" preliminary design

Here are some preliminary designs:

Foster Farms "Monster Appetites" preliminary designsFoster Farms "Monster Appetites" preliminary designsFoster Farms "Monster Appetites" preliminary designs

And here’s the commercial:

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