Burger King King gets a facelift

Not long ago I was contacted to help with the relaunch of Burger King’s King. They client wanted to bring him back, but with a new wardrobe, new bling and a bit of a facelift- or maybe just a facial rejuvenation.

Since the King will be making a lot of live appearances, as he did in Floyd Mayweather’s entourage before the fight with Pacquiao, the client wanted him to appear a bit more life-like, and not like a plastic mask.

Legacy Effects scanned the original King head I then digitally sculpted the a bit more detail in face and hair. I also 3D modeled the crown, ring and medallion.

Here are some designs below. Note, Christian Cordella did the wardrobe design in the full body shot, and I composited the head and medallion onto his render.

Burger King King before and after facelift.

Here is a recent commercial featuring the king:





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