Big Bad Wolf for The Real Cost Commercial

Once in a while I get to work on a project that has the potential to make a positive impact in our society. I was asked to design the (big, bad) wolf and pigs for the anti-smoking commercial, Straw City for The Real Cost campaign.

The spot is riffing off of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale, where the wolf, who is a chain smoker, can’t muster the lung power to even blow over a straw building. The direction for the wolf was to make him look sickly and gross, with ill-fitting, tattered clothes and big, worn-out boots- a real sketchy looking son-of-a-gun.

The Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Big Bad Wolf

Here are a few of the pigs going about their business:

The Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Shop Owner PigThe Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Mother Pig and baby

Since October, the YouTube video has had over 1.9 million views, so I can only hope the message is having some effect.

Here is the commercial:

6 Replies to “Big Bad Wolf for The Real Cost Commercial”

  1. Great job on this commercial. It really does put smoking in a very negative light. This commercial was a final push for me to finally quit smoking. I have been a pretty regular smoker (half a pack a day) for the past 8 years and I was finally ready to quit. Among other reasons significant to me, this commercial really put things in perspective and gave me another powerful nudge to finally punch the quit button. So far it has only been 2 days but it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have watched this commercial a few times when I have felt weak. Thank you again, very well done!!

  2. Where can I get access to one of the pigs costumes from the commercial? The makeup artists did a phenomenal job.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      These suits were created the for the commercials, therefore, they are NFS. You should get into makeup effects and create your own!



  3. This commercial actually has a reverse effect on me and I’ve been 3 months without a cigarette after 8 years of smoking. Most people start smoking because its “cool”. All the non smokers in this ad or the wimpy pigs and the smoker is the cool big bad wolf. This commercial makes smoking look cool even with the side effects

  4. I’m confused, I took away that smoking made the terrible looking wolf seem less able to be evil. As in smoking kept him from being a bully and eating all the nice little pigs.

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