Tile Lost Panda

I had a chance to help design the little plush panda, Ernie in the Tile commercial, Lost Panda | Together We Find.  During the design process, we explored a number of variations of this little guy, but we finally dialed it into a cute, innocent, wide-eyed little fellow that wanders the world in search of its owner.

Here’s the final design:

Tile Lost Panda design

Here are a number of the initial designs. The director felt many of these were too obvious and expected- possibly too Pixar-like. He wanted me to try moving the features around i.e. adjusting the eyes wider and lower on the face.


And here’s the commercial. (You may want to grab a box of tissues) 😉


24 Replies to “Tile Lost Panda”

    1. Hi Jess,

      This panda was an animatronic puppet built just for the commercial, so unfortunately it is not for sale.



    1. Hi,

      That would be out of my parameters- the panda is IP of the client, so it would be up to the company Tile if they ever wanted to market this little critter.



  1. My girlfriend said ‘I’d pay a hundred dollars for that damn panda, it doesn’t have to move’ today was her birthday… Now all she wants is your panda..

    1. Hey Josh,

      This panda is not for sale. Sorry I can’t help. Check out Etsy- search “plush panda”. Lots of great options.


  2. I love this commercial, my wife cried because it really hits you emotionally. She wants the Panda.
    She treasures her bear “Binky” as much.

  3. I agree – the Panda is adorable and the commercial was emotionally touching. I have watched it numerous times. It is beautiful. It is the best commercial I have ever seen. Bravo!! Tile should sell a Panda with a tile. It would be a great promotion.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am grateful to have been a part of the large team that created this commercial.



  4. Please please convince them to market this panda! I did get teary eyed the first and second time I saw the commercial. I’m a huge fan of giant pandas and this little guy immediately stole my heart. Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help! It could be a great advertisement strategy, even if just for some time to sell the panda. You did a beyond fabulous job with him 🙂

    1. Hey Kellie,

      Glad you were touched by the commercial. Unfortunately I don’t have a say in whether or not Tile will be producing this for sale- likely not. Thank for the feedback!



  5. My grandson who is 5 watched the commercial. He cried so hard when the Panda was not wanted by anyone but the little girl. He often says he wants this panda with tear eyes. His mother was only talking about this Panda, when he cried again several days after seeing the commercial. He said “Grammy, will you get me the panda? I want him”.

    I think the marketing of this loveable little guy would be a great idea! I would love to get one for my grandson Benson. He is the bear’s biggest fan!


  6. Bodin. We need that panda. Lol Surely Tile wants to further capitalize on this adorable fella. My daughters are absolutely enchanted by him!

  7. Please Please Market this Panda …
    My 3 year old keeps saying she’s asking Santa for him .. she only wants him so bad for Christmas from Santa
    I’ve been on a search for a month ..
    I hope they can release this adorable little critter

  8. I really think this panda would Be a huge success amongst children. I googled title panda to buy & this article came up.

    Got the answer, but wished it were sold.

    Thank you!!

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