Tile Lost Panda

I had a chance to help design the little plush panda, Ernie in the Tile commercial, Lost Panda | Together We Find.  During the design process, we explored a number of variations of this little guy, but we finally dialed it into a cute, innocent, wide-eyed little fellow that wanders the world in search of its owner.

Here’s the final design:

Tile Lost Panda design

Here are a number of the initial designs. The director felt many of these were too obvious and expected- possibly too Pixar-like. He wanted me to try moving the features around i.e. adjusting the eyes wider and lower on the face.


And here’s the commercial. (You may want to grab a box of tissues) 😉


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    1. Hi Jess,

      This panda was an animatronic puppet built just for the commercial, so unfortunately it is not for sale.



      1. This panda is so cute. I️ can’t believe no one can purchase this. Pandas are my favorite animal and I️ seriously cried when it got left behind. I️ wish someone would make this panda so I could buy it

      2. I would also love to purchase a bear. I am 53 and get teary eyed everytime I see that commercial. He is so cute.

    2. Yes! Yes! We all want to give that little panda a home! This is AMERICA for goodness sake! Everything is up to be commerialized! Come on TILE…you guys could make more money on the darn BEAR! I spent time trying to find him so now there’s even the frenzy of scarcity built in to huge sales….just make sure he has that same little adorable sweater on and it’s a HIT!

    3. Could you please tell me where I could but the panda bear, I fell in love with him the second I saw the commerical. Thank you.

  1. Can you please market this panda??!! I’m sure many of us would purchase it? Pretty please with a Precious Panda ontop!!

    1. Hi,

      That would be out of my parameters- the panda is IP of the client, so it would be up to the company Tile if they ever wanted to market this little critter.



  2. My girlfriend said ‘I’d pay a hundred dollars for that damn panda, it doesn’t have to move’ today was her birthday… Now all she wants is your panda..

    1. Hey Josh,

      This panda is not for sale. Sorry I can’t help. Check out Etsy- search “plush panda”. Lots of great options.


    2. i love this little panda. i want one because he looks like i feel. i’m 68, have terminal lung cancer. he doesn’t need to be able to move. i see he’s not for sale. any suggestions on how i can get one?

  3. I love this commercial, my wife cried because it really hits you emotionally. She wants the Panda.
    She treasures her bear “Binky” as much.

  4. I agree – the Panda is adorable and the commercial was emotionally touching. I have watched it numerous times. It is beautiful. It is the best commercial I have ever seen. Bravo!! Tile should sell a Panda with a tile. It would be a great promotion.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am grateful to have been a part of the large team that created this commercial.



      1. Hello I love that commercial so much my son got me a tile for Christmas I wish it was attached to the bear though. I want one soooooo bad

  5. Please please convince them to market this panda! I did get teary eyed the first and second time I saw the commercial. I’m a huge fan of giant pandas and this little guy immediately stole my heart. Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help! It could be a great advertisement strategy, even if just for some time to sell the panda. You did a beyond fabulous job with him 🙂

    1. Hey Kellie,

      Glad you were touched by the commercial. Unfortunately I don’t have a say in whether or not Tile will be producing this for sale- likely not. Thank for the feedback!



  6. My grandson who is 5 watched the commercial. He cried so hard when the Panda was not wanted by anyone but the little girl. He often says he wants this panda with tear eyes. His mother was only talking about this Panda, when he cried again several days after seeing the commercial. He said “Grammy, will you get me the panda? I want him”.

    I think the marketing of this loveable little guy would be a great idea! I would love to get one for my grandson Benson. He is the bear’s biggest fan!


  7. Bodin. We need that panda. Lol Surely Tile wants to further capitalize on this adorable fella. My daughters are absolutely enchanted by him!

  8. Please Please Market this Panda …
    My 3 year old keeps saying she’s asking Santa for him .. she only wants him so bad for Christmas from Santa
    I’ve been on a search for a month ..
    I hope they can release this adorable little critter

  9. I really think this panda would Be a huge success amongst children. I googled title panda to buy & this article came up.

    Got the answer, but wished it were sold.

    Thank you!!

  10. Hi
    I am definitly not in need for a Panda. Just my comment how you definitely hit the mark capturing the expression of a lost lovable panda playing his role on the commercial. Kudos to you!

    jk 🙂

  11. I need Ernie the panda!! Everyone the commercial comes on I lose it!! Please please please try to convince tile to market this!!!!

  12. What a wonderful commercial!! Bravo! You have created an overnight sensation with this precious panda 🙂 Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  13. I run a Missing Pet Page and this commercial really hit home. You nailed it with Ernie, as soon as I watched I wanted the bear as well. Marketing Ernie would be great. Bravo again, thanks.

  14. Add me to the list of people who would buy this bear. Hopefully Tile is on the phone to a stuffed animal manufacturer right now.

  15. I want the Panda too!!! A lot of us do. Can you tell us how to let Tile know? And great work! Such great work that now everyone wants one of their own!!! Please help us get the panda marketed!! 😊

  16. The little panda could be the biggest toy on the market. The design is fantastic, someone needs to move on production while it’s so hot. Millions could be made.

  17. We found my 5 year old crying on the couch after seeing this commercial. I see from other comments you can’t buy this particular panda but I’m more interested in the sweater. Is that something that’s purchasable from another site?

  18. My 5 yr old daughter LOVES the panda in your commercial. She doesn’t understand that it isn’t for sale. Tonight when the commercial came on again she started crying and said “I can’t watch this because it makes me cry. I just love him so much.” Please get them to market this bear.

  19. I am immensely in love with this commercial. The final decision on how Ernie should be shown is so emotional and near and dear that I almost can’t bear (pun intended) watching it. He pulls at my heart strings so bad that I cry everytime. It would make so many people and children SO HAPPY to have him in their lives. Tile should’ve thought this through a bit more because it went from advertising a piece of technology to people wanting Ernie more.

  20. This commercial is one of the best I’ve ever seen, I get to crying a bit when I see it. I’m not really into stuffed animals,but this little guy is the sweetest little thing. And it also brings back a time when I felt just like he does. Was looking to find where I could buy him, and I’m seeing that he’s not for sale. Maybe Tile will change their mind and share this little guy with all of us.

  21. The panda bear is the cutest I’ve ever seen and uniquely cute in a different way. I haven’t seen any panda like it therefore I really want to buy it. It would be wonder if you and/or Tile market and sell this panda. Please please please.

  22. I thought I was the only one who wanted this sweet little panda. I loved the commercial and it was done expertly. Please bring him to us. This was the best commercial ever!

  23. You did a fabulous job on the Panda–balancing adorability, mournfulness, hope, and angst. I’m 60 years old and I’d buy one in a flash too! Anyway, the add is wonderful and it wouldn’t be nearly as effective without the details of Ernie and his “bear personality.”

  24. My Grandkids cried seeing little Panda lost. I’ll go anywhere to get him or her. If I really can’t get him or her I’ll have yo get someone to sew and make 6 to 10 of my little pal. It’s a real effective pitch so glad we saw him or her.

  25. The commercial is amazing! Awesome design work. And yeah I would really want to have that panda eventhough Im 34 years old man :))

  26. I absolutely love this little guy! I really want one! Since you are the creator of this adorable panda, isn’t their anyway that you could work with the company to create him?

  27. This is the first commercial I’ve ever searched for, to watch again and again. My 9-year old son and I watched it together and he just broke into tears watching Ernie the Panda searching for his owner. When we found the full commercial on You Tube, it only made us both cry. LOL, this is marketing at its finest…you all really hit a chord. I get it, ‘the panda is not for sale’ but seems like a lost opportunity to me. Hope someone lets Tile know how they could capitalize on their excellent work.

  28. I’m 62 and I love this panda and his commercial. How can we encourage Tile to market him? I’m not the only one who wants him!!!

  29. I definitely think this panda would be a best seller. It surprises me in the day of everything having a marketing plan that this panda is not for sale. Ernie is so cute. I hope an Ernie toy is available soon.

  30. Here’s an idea. Sell the Panda for $60.00 and just throw the Tile tracker in. Sales will be off the charts. You’re welcome.

  31. Best commercial ever. I fell in love that little panda bear the second I saw him. I started looking in the stores ever since. Now I find out Ernie isn’t even made. Tile needs to hire a company to start making Ernie. They will make a fortune. Everyone loves him and wants him. I sure do and I’m a 56 year old woman. I look forward to when that commercial comes on to see Ernie. You can take a puppet and make a stuffed animal out of it. It just has to look like Ernie. He doesn’t have to move except maybe bend his legs so we sit him on our on beds or on a shelf. Please make sure Tile sees all these so they know how we all want a stuffed Ernie. Great commercial.

  32. Please tell the Tile company to sell Ernie replicas! He is such an adorable and perfect stuffed animal. I emailed them a few weeks ago, but they said they have no plans to sell any. Honestly, I would definitely buy a Tile if it came with an Ernie stuffed toy. People are asking for him all the time, so the company should listen!

  33. Yes, make the Panda to sell. Might make as much as the device. If you bundle tile plus Panda you will make a fortune. Best commercial I have seen in years. But make Panda exactly as it is with sweater vest, expression and everything. No changes.

  34. this would be one big business decision that would make a lot of people happy and warm a lot of hearts! Do it! Build the Tile Bear!! He is a must-have, especially since my Christmas gift to myself and my children this year we’re tiles, which is an absolutely awesome awesome product and everyone who received that from me was so happy!

  35. Want a version of this Panda teddy ASAP! You should 100% think about putting it into production! A Kickstarter fund might be a way to do it…?

  36. Why are you using a panda (graphic) for tile commercial? what’s the meaning? how does a panda related to “tile” company? thanks.

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