Geico Alligator Arms

Here’s a design I created for the Geico Alligator Arms: It’s What You Do commercial a while back. Legacy effects built the gator puppet and VFX augmented the expressions.

Geico Alligator Arms design
Geico Alligator Arms design

Here’s the spot:

Spotify The Never Ending Story Ad

“Atreyu!!!!!!” I had a chance to sculpt the auryn medallion that Atreyu wears in the Spotify “Never Ending” spot. Unfortunately, you can’t see it in the ad, but in the behind the scenes featurette, you can see it, as well as Legacy Effects in action with the Falcor gimbal rig! Legacy 3d printed and painted the medallion to appear as the original in the 1984 film.

Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion
Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion
Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion
Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion
Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion
Spotify The Never Ending Story Auryn Medallion

Here’s the ad:

This is the the behind the scenes featurette:

Surfrider Foundation- Milwaukee 2016 Designs

Surfrider Foundation- Milwaukee had another great summer of events. I had the opportunity to create the design materials for the events, which included the 4th annual Surf @Water, a day-long celebration of Great Lakes surf culture on the beach in Shorewood, WI!

Here’s the Surf @Water 2016 poster. You can order prints of this poster at LakeLuster, on online shop featuring freshwater and surf-inspired art.

Surf @Water 2016 Poster
Surf @Water 2016 Poster

Surf @Water 2016 Schedule
Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee 30 Days Postcard. Original photo by my pal, Ryan Bigelow, used as photo ref.

Quicken Loans Star Treck Ads

I helped design the vulcan couple and dog for the series of Quicken Loans Star Trek commercials this past summer. They actually used the designs for the set dressing- note the framed pictures 😉

Quicken Loans vulcan couple designs
Quicken Loans vulcan couple designs
Quicken Loans vulcan dog design
Quicken Loans vulcan dog design

Honda Square People Designs

A while ago, Legacy Effects had me help design the square people for the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe “Square” commercial. Another Legacy artist, Jim Charmatz and I spent a couple of weeks refining the nuances of the characters’ features with the director. It was a challenge not to let the characters slip into the uncanny valley… creepy. Here are a few of the people I designed.

Here is the commercial:


LakeLuster is Live!

It is with GREAT excitement that my wife, Katy and I announce the completion and launch of our artistic adventure together, LakeLuster! This is an online shop selling our freshwater inspired art prints. We are live, so please check out the website!

Paddle on!

Brewco Manhattan Beach Trust poster

It’s been a while since I have been able to do another Brewco poster, but my schedule freed up so I was able to complete this one a few weeks back.

Here’s how it turned out.

Brewco Trust poster

I decided to digitally sculpt a pair of hands holding a beer glass to use as reference for the illustration. Here is a render of the Zbrush sculpt.


This is currently being printed on canvas and should be delivered to Brewco Manhattan Beach in a month or so.

Target Star Wars Commercial

A while back I had the chance to help Legacy Effects design the Storm Trooper helmet for “Bullseye” the Target dog for their holiday commercial: The Star Wars Chase. I had to warp the geometry a bit to fit the dog, but we were able to get make it work, and still be comfortable for the pup.

Here’s the design:

Target Bullseye Storm Trooper Helmet design for The Star Wars Chase commercial

Here’s the spot:

Dollar Shave Club Super Bowl Commercial

Back in September, Dollar Shave Club launched a series of commercials featuring a bunch of animated, dirty razors. I had the opportunity to help design these guys. Here are some of the character designs I did for “Zeke the Dirtbag Razor”, “Jacques the Filthy Razor”, “Razor Escapes” and “Sneeze the Sick Razor”. I had fun on this one.

Zeke just aired during Super Bowl 50.

Dollar Shave Club "Zeke" designDSC_Razor_Jacques_WebDollar Shave Club "Razor Escapes" designDollar Shave Club early "Sick Razor" design

Here are some of the earlier versions. Initially the agency wanted to push the characters pretty far, but then they dialed it back a bit for the commercials.

Here are some of the commercials:


Royal Caribbean Bionic Bartender Commercial

A while back, I helped Legacy Effects design a robot character for a Royal Caribbean commercial. I was asked to design the face and base of their robot bartender. He needed to be simple, yet able to display emotions as he searches for his perfect job. He also needed to roll around so I designed a number of wheel and base options.

Here is the final design:

Royal Caribbean Robot Bartender Royal Caribbean Robot Bartender

Here’s the commercial:


Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future II Robot designs

I had the opportunity to help Legacy Effects design the robot for the The Future is Now | Back to the Future Part II  Pepsi Perfect commercial back in October- 10/21/2015 to be exact. The agency wanted to go for a retro-future look to match the feel of the original film.

Here are a few designs:
Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future Robot v01

Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future Robot Design v07

Here’s the commercial:


Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee designs

As a member of Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee, I handle the design portion of our Milwaukee chapter. This summer, with the launch of the new website, we also rolled out our 30 Days to Celebrate Your Great Lake campaign. Here is the Surf @Water 2015 poster, Surfcraft & Draft poster, Contained in Water poster as well as some other design materials I created for our summer events.

You can purchase prints of the last three Surf @Water posters at