Cuckoo Clock: Take a Closer Look – GEICO

Here are some characters I designed and sculpted in ZBrush for a recent Geico commercial, Cuckoo Clock: Take a Closer Look. Legacy Effects 3D printed these guys and turned them into puppets for the clock.

This was a fun challenge. My initial pass was a bit too smooth and detailed. The director wanted these to be more crude and vintage looking, so I took down the details and sculpted them to appear as though they were hand-carved out of wood.

Here are renders of the characters:

Geico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Saw Guys Geico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Accordion Guy, Milk MaidGeico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Dancers, Pie Eater and Angry WifeGeico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo BirdGeico_Cuckoo Clock_AnimalsHere’s a screen shot from the spot:

Geico Cuckoo Clock Screen Shot

And here’s the commercial:


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  1. Really Cute take off of a Anton Schneider 8T-MT34139 Cuckoo. Obviously these style cuckoos weren’t designed until the 70’s/80’s. The old Farmer’s daughter clock in the late 1950’s. Novelty fun. Your clock reminds me of a China knock off and I was trying to place the clock but nothing identical came to mind. Nice to know it was from your creation. we posted the video on our Champ’s Clock SHop facebook page for our customers to enjoy. Everyone loves it.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Great to have an expert weigh in on this. Thanks for the details on the original clock. I actually didn’t build the clock, I just designed the characters. I believe Legacy Effects built the clock- or perhaps it was another prop dept. I was onto another job by the time they were building and mechanizing the clock and the characters.



    1. Hi Sam,

      I assume you are referring to the two guys sawing. I digitally sculpted the characters in the clock. Legacy Effects 3D printed and mechanized them by adding functioning joints and mouths. I am not sure why they used allen fasteners, as I assume that’s not what would have been used in a vintage clock.



      1. Allen screws weren’t in use until 1910 114 years ago 1903 the pins mostly were brad nails, dowels or slotted screws.

  2. hello everyone.
    That is a really cool clock. does anyone know where I can buy that clock or one just like it?
    thanks a bunch!!

  3. It’s great to see some of the characters up close and with detail. I’ve just started selling cuckoo clocks on my website and it;s interesting to find out little known facts about the clocks. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      This particular clock is not for sale, as it was built solely for the commercial. Check out Champ’s Clock Shop- the first comment in the thread.



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