Brewco Art of Beer canvas art

The owner of Brewco commissioned me to do a piece that was inspired by the cover art, “Back Story” by the artist Lorenzo Mattotti on the Sept 2014 issue of The New Yorker magazine. He requested that the woman’s tattoos be of hops and wheat, with the title “The Art of Beer”. I really liked the concept, and as I was playing around with it, I thought it could be cool to give it an Art Nouveau feel.

Here is the final piece:

Brewco Art of Beer canvas art

Art of Beer canvas print on display at Brewco Manhattan Beach.

Fedex Commercial Robot Designs

A little while back I was asked to design the robot for a Fedex Office Pack Plus commercial. Since the robot’s face is static, the director wanted to see different eye sizes to display different emotions. It looks like they opted for a uniform eye size in the final cut.

I handed over the final 3D model to Legacy Effects and they grew (3D printed) the suit parts and fabricated the rest. They did a great job, as always.

Robot design for Fedex commercialRobot design for Fedex commercial

I got a kick out of the commercial:

Brewco Serious About Beer poster

Here is the latest Brewco poster, Serious About Beer. The owner commissioned me to create a Brewco Manhattan Beach version of the New Yorker cover featuring the illustration “Hip Hops” by Peter de Séve.

Brewco Serious About Beer poster. The owner commissioned me to create a Brewco version of the New Yorker cover featuring the illustration "Hip Hops" by Peter de Séve.Here is the canvas print on display at Brewco Manhattan Beach, CA.

Brewco Serious About Beer canvas print. The owner commissioned me to create a Brewco version of the New Yorker cover featuring the illustration "Hip Hops" by Peter de Séve.

Hay Day Commercial Animal Models

Here are a few 3D models I sculpted for the recent Hay Day commercial. Myself and another artist at Legacy Effects created digital models from the 2D game character designs. These were then 3D printed and then the practical crew at Legacy applied their magic to make them appear as they do in the commercial. What they created were reference characters for the VFX teams, since all the characters in the commercial are digital- except Craig Robinson, of course!

Pig 3D model for Hay Day commercialSheep 3D model for Hay Day commercial

Here’s the commercial:

Surfing with Tom logo

A few months back, I was asked to design a logo for a documentary about Tom Blake, a surfing and lifesaving pioneer. His story fascinated me, so I was happy to participate in the project. Since then, filmmakers Ken Cole, John Reubartsch and Eric Gietzen have launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate interest and funding for the film.

Here’s an excerpt from the webpage:

The invention of the hollow surfboard and fin contributed greatly to the evolution of the sport of surfing. A sport now enjoyed by millions. The rescue torpedo and ground breaking lifeguard techniques have played an important role in saving the lives of thousands of people, young and old, across the world. These life-changing accomplishments are just a few of many created by one man. One man, whose life journey was as epic as his accomplishments. Our film, Surfing with Tom, will tell his story.

Please help support their project!
Surfing with Tom Kickstarter page

Surfing with Tom logo

Rock’n Fitness Logo and Signage

A few months back I was contacted by a client who requested my help in the branding of their new fitness centers, Rock’n Fitness, a rock & roll themed fitness center which is opening in two locations in Boston. The client had seen the work I did for Rock & Brews and Floyds 99 Barbershop, so they initially asked me to design the logo.

Here is the final logo for Rock’n Fitness:

Rock'n Fitness Logo

This is a gallery of some of the earlier versions of the logo. Personally, I liked the versions with the guitar, as they visually represented “rock” and “fitness”. The client opted to change the original name from “Rock & Fitness” to “Rock’n Fitness”, which eliminated the ampersand. They wanted a more classic circular logo, so that is the direction I went.

After seeing the logo develop, I was then asked to design the “rules” signs for the gym. The client came up with the quirky, and somewhat bizarre terminology and definitions, and I did my best to design the rest. Below is a gallery of the Rock’n Fitness rules signage:

Abraham Lincoln Bust 3D Sculpt

Here is a sculpt of Abraham Lincoln that I created in Zbrush for Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology. The piece was recently 3D printed on an Objet printer and then painted to appear as a bronze sculpture by Ed Pioli of Stratasys. It was recently on display at Siggraph 2013.

This was a fun project to work on, as I used numerous references of Lincoln throughout his life. I even used photos of his death mask to fine-tune his likeness.

Below are my renders of the 3D sculpt:Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- three quarter view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- front view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- profile view

Below are some photos of the 3D printed and painted sculpture.

Abe Lincoln bronze cast of 3D sculpt.

Katrina Sterba Yoga & Gardening Flyer

Here is the latest flyer I created for Katrina Sterba Yoga (my sister :)). This workshop offers  tips on how to harvest, dry & store herbs & seeds for the winter, followed by a gentle all-levels yoga class. Check out Katrina Sterba Yoga on Facebook.

Here are the event details:

Thursday, October 18th 6:30pm–8:30pm $25

Trout Lake Community Centre 3350 Victoria Drive, Lakewood Room Vancouver, BC

Here’s the flyer:

Katrina Sterba Yoga flyer V02.


Happy Buddha Character

Back in 2008, I responded to a Craigslist ad that was looking for someone to illustrate a surfing Buddha for a new “Life is a Beautiful Thing” brand. Well, I sent over an illustration of a surfing Buddha, and I was quickly asked to create a whole series. Dave Furano, now a founding partner of Rock & Brews, had just opened a new design studio in El Segundo and he asked me to join their team. Dave had new ideas for the Buddha character every day, so I continued to illustrate them. That was just the beginning of my exciting tenure at The Studio El Segundo.

Click here for “Life is a Beautiful Thing” Happy Buddha products.

Here is a gallery of the happy Buddha character: