Brewco Manhattan Beach Trust poster

It’s been a while since I have been able to do another Brewco poster, but my schedule freed up so I was able to complete this one a few weeks back.

Here’s how it turned out.

Brewco Trust poster

I decided to digitally sculpt a pair of hands holding a beer glass to use as reference for the illustration. Here is a render of the Zbrush sculpt.


This is currently being printed on canvas and should be delivered to Brewco Manhattan Beach in a month or so.

Target Star Wars Commercial

A while back I had the chance to help Legacy Effects design the Storm Trooper helmet for “Bullseye” the Target dog for their holiday commercial: The Star Wars Chase. I had to warp the geometry a bit to fit the dog, but we were able to get make it work, and still be comfortable for the pup.

Here’s the design:

Target Bullseye Storm Trooper Helmet design for The Star Wars Chase commercial

Here’s the spot:

Dollar Shave Club Super Bowl Commercial

Back in September, Dollar Shave Club launched a series of commercials featuring a bunch of animated, dirty razors. I had the opportunity to help design these guys. Here are some of the character designs I did for “Zeke the Dirtbag Razor”, “Jacques the Filthy Razor”, “Razor Escapes” and “Sneeze the Sick Razor”. I had fun on this one.

Zeke just aired during Super Bowl 50.

Dollar Shave Club "Zeke" designDSC_Razor_Jacques_WebDollar Shave Club "Razor Escapes" designDollar Shave Club early "Sick Razor" design

Here are some of the earlier versions. Initially the agency wanted to push the characters pretty far, but then they dialed it back a bit for the commercials.

Here are some of the commercials:


Royal Caribbean Bionic Bartender Commercial

A while back, I helped Legacy Effects design a robot character for a Royal Caribbean commercial. I was asked to design the face and base of their robot bartender. He needed to be simple, yet able to display emotions as he searches for his perfect job. He also needed to roll around so I designed a number of wheel and base options.

Here is the final design:

Royal Caribbean Robot Bartender Royal Caribbean Robot Bartender

Here’s the commercial:


Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future II Robot designs

I had the opportunity to help Legacy Effects design the robot for the The Future is Now | Back to the Future Part II  Pepsi Perfect commercial back in October- 10/21/2015 to be exact. The agency wanted to go for a retro-future look to match the feel of the original film.

Here are a few designs:
Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future Robot v01

Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future Robot Design v07

Here’s the commercial:


Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee designs

As a member of Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee, I handle the design portion of our Milwaukee chapter. This summer, with the launch of the new website, we also rolled out our 30 Days to Celebrate Your Great Lake campaign. Here is the Surf @Water 2015 poster, Surfcraft & Draft poster, Contained in Water poster as well as some other design materials I created for our summer events.

You can purchase prints of the last three Surf @Water posters at


DirecTV Eli Manning, Tony Romo & Andrew Luck commercials

DirecTV retired Rob Lowe and picked up Eli Manning, Tony Romo and Andrew Luck for their latest commercial campaign. I had the opportunity to do the character designs for Bad Comedian Eli Manning, Arts and Craftsy Tony Romo and Out-Of-Control Beard Andrew Luck.

DirecTV Bad Comedian Eli Manning DirecTV Arts and Craftsy Tony RomoDirecT Out of Control Beard Andrew Luck

Here are the spots:



Geico Operation commercial

Here is a 3D character of “Cavity Sam” from the Hasbro Operation game that I created for the recent Geico commercial: Operation: It’s What You Do. Legacy Effects 3D printed my digital model and then worked their magic to finish and puppeteer the character you see in the commercial.

Geico Operation Sam design Geico Operation Sam designThe commercial is great:



Arco Robot designs

Here is a robot or “Roboctopus” design I did for a recent Arco commercial. I 3D modeled this guy, and Legacy Effects 3D printed most of the exterior parts.

Arco Roboctupus designArco Roboctupus designHere is Donnie, the Roboctopus is in action:




KFC Colonel Sanders pitcher

Legacy Effects tasked me out to sculpt Colonel Sander’s likeness onto a pitcher for the See What I’m Talkin’ About KFC commercial. I digitally sculpted Colonel Sander’s face, which Legacy Effects 3D printed and grafted onto a glass pitcher.

Here are some renders of the final sculpt:KFC Colonel Sanders pitcher digital sculpt KFC Colonel Sanders pitcher digital sculpt

This is a first pass at the pitcher, before I was asked to stretch the Colonel’s face onto the pitcher as seen above.

This is the first pass at the Colonel Sanders pitcher

Here is the practical pitcher full of lemonade:



Jurassic World: Building the Apatosaurus

Here are a couple of screen grabs of my Apatosaurus concepts that are shown in the featurette, Jurassic World: Building the Apatosaurus, produced by Legacy Effects.

I digitally sculpted the entire Apatosaurus, which is what you see in the below designs, and then Legacy Effects had the head and neck milled out of foam. The whole team at Legacy Effects did an incredible job of turning my design into a live-action dinosaur.

Here is a sneak peak at the designs. I hope to post these to my site some day soon.

Two of my Apatosaurus concepts shown in the making-of featurette, Jurassic World: Building the Apatosaurus


Be sure to check out the the whole process in the making-of featurette below!


Jurassic World dino designs

I had the extreme privilege to be one of the concept artists on Jurassic World. I have been drawing dinosaurs ever since I was a kid, so it was a dream come true to be able to work on a film like this.

I designed the Apatosaurus for the film.  Legacy Effects took my digital sculpt and had it milled out of foam, and then created the amazing animatronic head you see in the film. It has been an honor to to continue to work with the master artists and technicians who brought the original Jurassic Park dinosaurs to life.

The image below is one of the pieces of key art I created for the project. This was used in promo for the film, as well as the Jurassic World website.

My Jurassic World Apatosaurus final design.

Although this dino hybrid was cut from the film, I had the opportunity to design the stegoceratops. This dino was made into a toy, and appears on the Jurassic World video game. Here are a few of the concepts:



SolarCity Ra character designs

I while ago I was contacted to design the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, for the recent SolarCity campaign. I cycled through a few versions before I landed the approved design.

Legacy Effects 3D printed the entire headpiece, and the beak as well, (if I’m not mistaken). Then they painted the pieces to match the concept art, added feathers, and fleshed out the rest of the character.

SolarCity RA final designSolarCity RA final designSolarCity RA early designThe commercials are pretty funny. Be sure to check them out:

Giant Fish for Geico Fisherman Commercial

A few months back, I was tasked out to design the giant fish in the recent Geico “Fishermen Tell Tales: It’s What You Do” commercial.

The monster fish was initially modeled after a grouper, and then the client requested a few changes to the face to make it look a bit more mean. I digitally sculpted this guy and then Legacy Effects had it milled out of foam, full scale, somewhere around 10′ in length!

Here are the designs:

Geico Giant Fish for "Fisherman Tell Tales" commercial Geico Giant Fish for "Fisherman Tell Tales" commercial

Here’s the commercial: