Designs for Halo 5 Guardians commercial

I designed the initial pass at the giant Masterchief statue for the “Halo 5 Guardians Master Chief” and “Halo 5 Guardians Spartan Locke” commercials. The design ended up changing for the final commercials, but I thought I’d show some of the early design progress.

Masterchief statue design for Halo 5 Guardians commercial Masterchief_Statue_v10_B Masterchief statue design for Halo 5 Guardians commercial Masterchief statue design for Halo 5 Guardians commercialCheck out one of the commercials below:




Bud Lite Pac-Man Super Bowl Commercial

This was a fun throw-back commercial to work on. I was asked to create a 3D version of the original 8-bit Pac-Man Ghost for the recent Bud Lite “Up for Whatever” Real Life Pac Man Super Bowl commercial. I handed my 3D model to Legacy Effects to be 3D printed. These ghosts were lit internally and worn by rollerskating stunt people in the full-scale 3D Pac Man game.

3D Pac Man ghost design for Bud Lite Superbowl 2015 commercial3D Pac Man ghost design for Bud Lite Superbowl 2015 commercial
This is a turntable of the ghost design:

Here’s the commercial:

DirecTV Rob Lowe character designs

I had the privilege to do a few more designs for DirecTV’s popular ad campaign featuring Rob Lowe. Stay tuned for more…

Here are my designs for Meathead Rob Lowe, Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe, and Peaked in High School Rob Lowe:

DIRECTV Meathead Rob LoweDIRECTV Paranoid Rob LoweDIRECTV Peaked in High School Rob Lowe

Here are the commercials:

Here are my designs for the first round of DirecTV Rob Lowe commercials.

Fedex Commercial Robot Designs

A little while back I was asked to design the robot for a Fedex Office Pack Plus commercial. Since the robot’s face is static, the director wanted to see different eye sizes to display different emotions. It looks like they opted for a uniform eye size in the final cut.

I handed over the final 3D model to Legacy Effects and they grew (3D printed) the suit parts and fabricated the rest. They did a great job, as always.

Robot design for Fedex commercialRobot design for Fedex commercial

I got a kick out of the commercial:

Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials

It’s not every day that you get asked to make a celebrity look ugly, but that is what I was tasked out to do for the latest DirecTV campaign featuring Rob Lowe. It was actually pretty challenging to make him look bad, since he’s rocking his “blue steel” is most of his shots.

Here are the designs I created for the Super Creepy Rob Lowe, Far Less Attractive Rob Lowe, Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe and Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe commercials:

DIRECTV Super Creepy Rob LoweDIRECTV Far Less Attractive Rob LoweDIRECTV Painfully Awkward Rob LoweDIRECTV Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe

Check out the commercials here:

GE Ideas Are Scary Creature Designs

About six months ago I had the opportunity to design the creature for GE’s Ideas Are Scary commercial. Initially, the direction was that this “bird-like” creature had to be part Muppet, part Dr. Seuss, but it also had to be ambiguous, as it was supposed to be representative of an idea. Like the ugly duckling, this pitiful creature is ugly and repulsive from birth, but it eventually transforms into something beautiful.

The design process actually went on for a few months. The direction went from more bird-like, to less bird-like, to not at all bird-like. They asked for something that could be from The Labyrinth, but then that was too creature-like, so they wanted something like Big Bird, with simple, yet soulful eyes. They director and the agency were looking for the “ah-hah” moment. Eventually they settled on a furry bipedal creature with little beady black eyes.

The amazing crew at Legacy Effects brought this guy to life for the commercial. As always, they did an excellent job.

Here is a gallery of the design process, starting with my final stages:

Check out the commercial below. (You might want to grab some tissues).

2015 Honda Fit commercial alien design

Here are some alien designs I created for the 2015 Honda Fit, Yogis, Carpets, Yachts and Aliens commercial. The alien is a digital sculpt that was 3D printed, molded, cast, painted and then puppeteered.

Here are the designs:Honda Fit alienHonda Fit alienHere’s the commercial:



Contour from Cox Commercial Concepts

Here are some designs and digital makeup concepts I did for the Many Sides of Me Contour from Cox commercial. The agency ended up going a different direction with the alien character, but I thought I’d include some of my preliminary designs, nonetheless. I included a before and after shot for the alien and the zombie.

Here’s the commercial: Swollen Face Design

This is a swollen face design I did for the “Try Something New” commercial. I couldn’t find a photo of a puffy face that was happy with- or that would work with the actor’s face, so I decided to sculpt the bloated face digitally and then composite it onto the actor. Here’s the result.

Swollen face design for the "Try Something New" commercial.

Check out the commercial:

Hay Day Commercial Animal Models

Here are a few 3D models I sculpted for the recent Hay Day commercial. Myself and another artist at Legacy Effects created digital models from the 2D game character designs. These were then 3D printed and then the practical crew at Legacy applied their magic to make them appear as they do in the commercial. What they created were reference characters for the VFX teams, since all the characters in the commercial are digital- except Craig Robinson, of course!

Pig 3D model for Hay Day commercialSheep 3D model for Hay Day commercial

Here’s the commercial:

Old Spice Mandroid designs

A few months ago I was asked to come up with some mandroid designs for the latest Old Spice campaign. The director wanted to steer the mandroid away from “sci-fi slick” and push the designs to feature the simplicity and the crudeness of an M.I.T. robot, where his features and anatomy are awkward and quirky, yet somehow endearing.

Old Spice MandroidHere are the commercials:

Godzilla designs for Snickers commercial

Here are some designs I did for the Snickers Godzilla commercial. Legacy Effects gave me a rough scan of the 1954 Godzilla toy and I ended up re-sculpting the whole thing. The sculpt was then milled out of foam, and then the effects gurus at Legacy turned it into a large suit.

Here are my designs:

Snickers Godzilla design- headSnickers Godzilla design- three quarterSnickers Godzilla design- frontSnickers Godzilla design- profileSnickers Godzilla design- back

Check out the commercial, it’s pretty funny.


Beats Music Super Bowl commercial character designs

I recently had the opportunity to do some animal character designs for the Beats Music Super Bowl commercial, starring Ellen DeGeneres. I was hired by Legacy Effects to create concepts for the Three Bears, the Big Bad Wolf, as well as a number of other animals.

The Bears went through a number of wardrobe changes. Initially, they were all going to be in pajamas, but I was then asked to try a few different options that would reflect the individual musical taste of the Three Bears.

Here are my designs:

Beats Music- Three Bears concept v01_008 Beats Music- Three Bears Bear concept v01_005 Beats Music- Poppa Bear concept v01_003 Beats Music- Big Bad Wolf concept

Believe it or not, the frog made the cut early in the commercial. He’s on the far right hand side of the screen and you only see him for a split second.Beats Music- frog concept

I created the following character designs using Legacy Effects’ assets:

You can check out the commercial below: