Tile Lost Panda

I had a chance to help design the little plush panda, Ernie in the Tile commercial, Lost Panda | Together We Find.  During the design process, we explored a number of variations of this little guy, but we finally dialed it into a cute, innocent, wide-eyed little fellow that wanders the world in search of its owner.

Here’s the final design:

Tile Lost Panda design

Here are a number of the initial designs. The director felt many of these were too obvious and expected- possibly too Pixar-like. He wanted me to try moving the features around i.e. adjusting the eyes wider and lower on the face.


And here’s the commercial. (You may want to grab a box of tissues) 😉


Old Spice Cinema

Here’s an “egg” I created for the funny and bizarre Old Spice commercial, Cinema, starring Von MillerI was asked to design a dry, cracked egg/ pod shape that Von would punch his way out of. Here is the final design that Legacy Effects referenced when they built the full size egg.

Old Spice "Cinema" final egg design

Here are a few more early versions of the egg-pod:

And the commercial:


Geico- Fleas Playing Badminton

I had a chance to design the cheesy flea costumes for the Geico- Fleas Playing Badminton commercial. They were intentionally low-tech for comedic effect.

Here’s the final design:

Geico- Fleas Playing Badminton final designGeico- Fleas Playing Badminton final design

Initially I was asked to explore a more realistic flea costume design, but then they were determined to be too scary. I don’t disagree, and this just isn’t as funny:

Geico- Fleas Playing Badminton preliminary design deemed too scary ;)

Here’s the spot:



Trip Advisor Owl

I helped design Little Wiser, the owl in the latest Trip Advisor ad campaign. He’s kind-of a mashup of a burrowing owl with horns. The Legacy Effects team did a fine job with the puppet.

Trip Advisor- Little Wiser owl design

Here’s the spot:


Snapple- Carp Diem Commercial

This is a fish I designed for the Snapple- Carp Diem commercial that aired a while back. I explored a couple types of fish, but the director and agency decided on a wide-eyed, bewildered looking fish, which was definitely funnier. I digitally sculpted this fish, so Legacy Effects 3D printed my design and turned it into the puppet for the spot.

Here are a few of the designs:

Snapple- Carp Diem fish design

HPE: NoBot and No Bobblehead

I designed the bobblehead and the robot for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise commercials: Helping Michael say Yes with Hybrid IT and Helping Brian say Yes with Hybrid IT. I started with a rough scan of the actor for the bobblehead and then changed the expressions and finessed the details. Legacy Effects 3D printed the designs for the bobblehead and the robot.

Here are the designs:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bobblehead designHewlett Packard Enterprise Robot design

And here are the commercials:


Toyota Safety Sense Crash Test Dummies

Toyota recently launched a new campaign: Toyota Safety Sense. It features a group of disgruntled crash test dummies who are no longer being utilized as often. I had the opportunity to help design these characters. Legacy Effects 3D printed my designs and puppeteered the dummies for the spots.

Toyota Crash Test Dummy Design Toyota Crash Test Dummy DesignToyota Crash Test Dummy Design

Screen Shot from Toyota Safety Sense Crash Test Dummies

Here’s the spot:


Arco: Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl

Arco recently  launched a campaign with Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl. As per the treatment, she needed to be fun, innocent and have a slight vintage feel. I was tasked out to design Hanna and her various outfits as she travels around the USA.  Legacy Effects 3D printed my design, and rigged her to be a functioning hula bobble.

Here are the final designs:

Arco Hanna the Hula Girl design

Arco Hanna the Hula Girl design

Hanna in the Arco commercial

Arco Hanna the Desktop Hula Girl on the Arco website

Here are a few of the commercials:


TurboTax: Humpty Fall Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

TurboTax launched a hilarious Super Bowl commercial starring Humpty Dumpty after his great fall. I had a chance to design this poor bastard in three stages: after he fell off the wall, when the king’s men tried to put him back together, and in the ICU.

Here are the designs:TurboTax Humpty Dumpty Stage 1TurboTax Humpty Dumpty Stage 2TurboTax Humpty Dumpty Stage 3

Here are the commercials:

Big Bad Wolf for The Real Cost Commercial

Once in a while I get to work on a project that has the potential to make a positive impact in our society. I was asked to design the (big, bad) wolf and pigs for the anti-smoking commercial, Straw City for The Real Cost campaign.

The spot is riffing off of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale, where the wolf, who is a chain smoker, can’t muster the lung power to even blow over a straw building. The direction for the wolf was to make him look sickly and gross, with ill-fitting, tattered clothes and big, worn-out boots- a real sketchy looking son-of-a-gun.

The Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Big Bad Wolf

Here are a few of the pigs going about their business:

The Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Shop Owner PigThe Real Cost Commercial: "Straw City" Mother Pig and baby

Since October, the YouTube video has had over 1.9 million views, so I can only hope the message is having some effect.

Here is the commercial:

Cuckoo Clock: Take a Closer Look – GEICO

Here are some characters I designed and sculpted in ZBrush for a recent Geico commercial, Cuckoo Clock: Take a Closer Look. Legacy Effects 3D printed these guys and turned them into puppets for the clock.

This was a fun challenge. My initial pass was a bit too smooth and detailed. The director wanted these to be more crude and vintage looking, so I took down the details and sculpted them to appear as though they were hand-carved out of wood.

Here are renders of the characters:

Geico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Saw Guys Geico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Accordion Guy, Milk MaidGeico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Dancers, Pie Eater and Angry WifeGeico- Take a Closer Look Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo BirdGeico_Cuckoo Clock_AnimalsHere’s a screen shot from the spot:

Geico Cuckoo Clock Screen Shot

And here’s the commercial:


Pizza Hut Singing Snowman

Just before the holidays last year, I was tasked out to design the singing snowman for Pizza Hut’s Singing Snowman commercial.

After designing the look of the snowman, we went through a few rounds of the melting stages. The client didn’t want it to look too gruesome or sad, so I tried to keep it light. 😉

Pizza Hut Singing Snowman Stage 1 Pizza Hut Singing Snowman Stage 2 Pizza Hut Singing Snowman Stage 3

Here’s the commercial:



The Voice Season 11 Promo

A while back I was asked to do some designs for The Voice Season 11 promo: Arrival. The direction was to give Miley Cyrus translucent dragonfly-like wings, and also to turn Carson Daly into a grey alien… Hey why not?!

Here’s where I ended up:The Voice Season 11 Promo- Miley Cyrus wingsThe Voice Season 11 Promo- Carson Daly alien

Here is the (bizarre) promo: