Abraham Lincoln Bust 3D Sculpt

Here is a sculpt of Abraham Lincoln that I created in Zbrush for Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology. The piece was recently 3D printed on an Objet printer and then painted to appear as a bronze sculpture by Ed Pioli of Stratasys. It was recently on display at Siggraph 2013.

This was a fun project to work on, as I used numerous references of Lincoln throughout his life. I even used photos of his death mask to fine-tune his likeness.

Below are my renders of the 3D sculpt:Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- three quarter view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- front view Abe Lincoln Bust sculpt- profile view

Below are some photos of the 3D printed and painted sculpture.

Abe Lincoln bronze cast of 3D sculpt.

4 Replies to “Abraham Lincoln Bust 3D Sculpt”

  1. I was very impressed by the pictures of Abraham Lincoln’s bust posted on your site!! And would like to ask the price for that exact model.

  2. There was no Lincoln death mask. There were two life masks done. One was done in 1861 and one was done in 1865 near the end of his life.
    Very nice bust. Should have them for sale. There is a market for good relatively inexpensive Lincoln busts.

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